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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognised qualification offered by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE). Along with the best IGCSE Schools in Mumbai, the IGCSE programme is offered across the world, in over 160 countries. Along with its exposure to internationalism, the IGCSE programme places emphasis on adding value within a national context, one of the key reasons of its adoption by Lodha Oakwood School, as well as the top IGCSE Schools in South Mumbai and Mumbai.

The IGCSE is a comprehensive two-year program (Grades 9 & 10) and prepares students for further studies or career paths.


  • Cambridge qualifications are recognised by universities around the globe.
  • Recognition by employers world-wide and remains a popular pick for the Fortune 500 companies and major business conglomerates
  • Has a learner-centric approach – it focuses on inquiry-based learning, higher order thinking skills, and conceptual learning
  • Rigorous assessments
  • Differentiates learning (all ability levels)
  • Can be combined with national curriculum
  • Multicultural experiences and connections to the world

Yes, all Indian Boards and Universities accept IGCSE as equivalent to SSC/ICSE/CBSE, qualifying the learner for entry to Class XI.

If you wish to move to another curriculum, the CISCE Curriculum, for example, you will have been well-equipped with the skills to make this transition from the IGCSE curriculum.

No. While the IGCSE curriculum is widely recognised all over the world, it is suited for any learner who would like a global perspective or international stream of education. Any learner can choose

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